We are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to empowering the various actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal, through the programs we design or help to design, the resources we share, and the collaborations we foster.


Diana Gonçalves

Project Manager and Trainer

Meet our colleague, a true driving force in the foundation of JumpIN HUB! Graduated in Social Education from the Escola Superior de Educação do Porto, she brings extensive experience in working with youth and European projects (Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens), with a special focus on social inclusion, employability, entrepreneurship, and education. She is also a trainer in professional courses, imparting knowledge on entrepreneurship and personal and professional skills. Creative, imaginative, determined, and passionate about her work, she inspired the creation of our Association, and her experience is essential for us to achieve our goals!


Tânia Rocha

Project Manager and Trainer

Tânia Rocha, co-founder of JumpIN HUB, is a passionate and dynamic professional who plays a fundamental role in our Association. With a degree in Business Management from the Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão, Tânia brings with her a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in managing European projects under the Erasmus+ program. With an organized and perfectionist spirit, she ensures the implementation and success of training and educational activities. Additionally, Tânia is recognized for her contagious energy and motivation, inspiring team members. Her passion for work is reflected in every project she leads, leaving a positive impact and driving the growth of JumpIN HUB.


Melissa Cabral

Project Manager and Social Media

Digital entrepreneur with a degree in Business Management and a master's in Marketing and International Business from ISCAC-Coimbra Business School, currently a PhD. student in Economic Analysis and Business Strategy at the University of Vigo. Through her international experiences, she offers strategic insights, inspiring guidance, and innovative solutions to drive project development. She is also a trainer and mentor in a business context, where she shares her knowledge in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Her expertise makes her a reliable and valuable partner in achieving JumpIn Hub's objectives.