Rural Business Innovation Hub

Nº do projeto:2021-1-RO01-KA220-YOU-000029192
Coordenação: Scouts Society (Roménia)

Start Date 01/01/2022 End Date 31/12/2023

Project Vision: Our vision is to help address the lack of entrepreneurial education in rural areas.

Overall Objective: Our objective is to build and promote entrepreneurial skills among young people in rural areas, starting from an entrepreneurial attitude, and applying it to solutions for current societal challenges.

1. Increase the level of entrepreneurial skills among young people (18-30 years old) in 6 rural areas.
2. Encourage the development of 6 rural communities and create opportunities for a better life.
3. Raise awareness among young people aged 18-30 about the importance of business literacy.
4. Document/provide the usefulness of a Business Innovation Hub in expanding opportunities for young people aged 18-30 from rural areas.

The economic and social transformation across Europe is increasing pressure on villages and their citizens, businesses, and public bodies to innovate and adapt continuously. They cannot simply sit and wait for smart solutions to come to them. They need to become ‘smart’ in their own transformation. Rural regions face various challenges to remain attractive, competitive, and maintain sustainable economic growth and promote viable communities, especially as they are deprived of talent (young people and potential individuals shifting from rural to urban areas).
In rural areas, it is particularly difficult for young people to learn about entrepreneurship and have the same level of opportunities to start and develop a business as in a city. Rural areas are not able to provide them with many opportunities, and it is important for them to have an option to learn what they like and what they want to do in life. More importantly, they are not encouraged and motivated to contribute to the development of their rural community through active and concrete measures.

To address this problem, we will develop a new curriculum for teaching “entrepreneurial skills” using best practices across the EU, to ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of rural areas. As an innovation, we will promote the development of Business Innovation Poles and create a Digital Business Pole for young entrepreneurs. Additionally, we will have local implementation partners in all countries (communities) where we will implement the project, they are well-known in the local communities, have connections with NGOs and local authorities, and are the binding factor in our project. These partners will act as long-term change agents in the community and ensure the project’s sustainability.

The target groups of this project are:
1. Young people (18 – 30 years old) from rural areas
2. Youth Workers and community workers



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