#GOGREEN Youth Navigator

Nº do projeto:2021-1-BE05-KA220-YOU-000028629
Coordenação: Codec, vzw (Bélgica)

Start Date 01/12/2021 End Date 01/12/2023

#GoGreen – Youth Navigator” – What is it about?

Climate change is alarming and is no longer underestimated: almost 75% of EU citizens now see climate change as a very serious problem, as shown by the Eurobarometer 2019. In the wake of the acknowledgment of the problem, the impact of the Greta movement cannot be underestimated – while students are already on the streets on “Fridays for Future” – we believe it is time for the youth work sector to join the race for the Sustainable Green Planet and invest in instilling a mindset of responsible and sustainable living in the non-formal education sector.

#GoGreen – Youth Navigator it is an anchor in the implementation of European Union Youth policies and aims to reach young people directly through Erasmus+, while also promoting the adaptation of youth work to respond loudly to global challenges.

Project goals:
The Project Consortium consists of 7 partners from different countries (Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Ireland, and Cyprus) who share the same environmental concerns. Ultimately, we consider it crucial to invest in building the capacity of a valuable partnership, so that young people throughout the EU can benefit from solutions gathered by partners with extensive experience.

By implementing this project, the partners aim to achieve the following objectives:
– Support the work of youth as ambassadors for education for sustainable living;
– Create a catalog of “planet-friendly” tips;
– Contribute to the recognition of learning tools across all GreenBadges;
– Explore the potential of digital tools and gamification to reach youth through Cities/Regions of Learning.

Project Impact:
“GoGreen – Youth Navigator” will impact the participating youth workers and their institutions by raising awareness of responsibility towards the world’s capital and natural resources, and by empowering these organizations to be advocates for a greener planet.

During the project implementation, the following outcomes and activities will be accomplished:
– IO1: Best Practices in Environmental Education and Sustainable Living (webinar style)
– IO2: Green Badges and Practical Guide on the use of green badges
– IO3: Learning paths/learning lists for Learning Cities on environment and sustainable living
– Kick-Off in Cyprus, Final Evaluation Meeting in Greece, and a Training Course in Belgium

Website http://gogreenyouthnavigator.net

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/go_green_youth_navigator/

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