DIGMA – Digital Marketing for NEETs

Nº do projeto:2021-1-PT02-KA220-YOU-000028838
Coordenação: JumpIN HUB (Portugal)

The Internet is an essential component of communication worldwide. Websites have become the first point of contact for customers for information and purchasing goods or services. It offers a range of services, particularly in marketing and advertising. According to Eurostat, in 2018, on average 26% of EU businesses employ at least 10 people in digital promotion (https://bit.ly/36kTRIJ). During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, 28% of Europeans living in urban areas used online shopping as the main channel for buying groceries, a 10% increase in three months and still rising (https://bit.ly/2GiRz1s). Consequently, businesses are increasing their presence on the Internet and improving their advertising practices.

There is an increasing demand for people capable of working in the field of digital marketing (http://bit.ly/Top8Jobs2020), with 28 million NEETs in OECD countries looking for better job opportunities. In Portugal and Slovenia, one-third of all jobs held by young people have been destroyed in the last 5 years (http://bit.ly/NEETjobs).

With the DIGMA Project – Digital Marketing for NEETs, we aim to address the needs of NEET youths to become more employable in the current European labor market, through the most sought-after factor, digital ICT skills, specifically digital marketing. The project will innovate and create a new model of Digital Marketing learning for NEETs, preparing them exactly for what they need when entering the job market in the field of digital marketing. Education will focus on problem-based training and the “experience” model (job shadowing) among partner countries.

Project Objectives

Youth Technicians
– Gain knowledge about digital marketing
– Implement a set of tools and tactics to support youth empowerment
– New teaching methodologies (responsibility groups, problem-based learning)
– ICT skills in content development/use
– How to approach implementing the topic in youth centers, NGOs, employment offices, and other educational establishments
– Develop a growth mindset necessary to become a skilled worker in the digital marketing industry
– Promote new teaching methodologies (problem-based learning)

NEET Youths (Not in Education, Employment, or Training)
– Gain analytical skills
– Acquisition and development of ICT skills and specifically digital -marketing skills
– Be able to work with social media ads
– Content creation
– Understand the difference between digital presence and value proposition on digital channels
– Basics of ICT tools, digital marketing tools and methodologies
– Understanding types of digital marketing, Understanding customers, – Measurement and metrics, Conversion, Organic channels, Paid channels, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Referral marketing.

Project Results
-Development of the DIGMA educational program
-DIGMA Train-the-trainers program
-Guidebooks and development of online resources