Artpreneurs – Make a Business out of your passion

Nº do projeto:2021-1-BG01-KA220-ADU-000035377
Coordenação: Rousse Industrial Association (Bulgária)

The project vision:
Our vision is to train members of the creative arts to develop digital business skills and start their own business in their sector.

The development of cultural and creative industries (CCI) is vital for a vibrant economy and as a means of revitalizing EU regions. CCIs employ 7.5% of the EU workforce and add around €500 billion to the GDP. According to Eurostat, the creative sector in the EU27 consisted of approximately 1.7 million people in 2019. In the consortium countries, the total approximate number is 76,400.

Creative businesses have an important role to play in generating growth and combating unemployment. It helps young people to turn their creative abilities into their own business. Adults need to enhance their creative business skills, as well as opportunities for innovative learning. The proposed training program in the project covers the need to promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the creative sector.

Problem identified:
The creative industries are one of the main growing economies, and skills and abilities are essential to sustain this growth. The current gaps and deficiencies need to be filled to ensure that this creative sector continues to thrive. The practice of entrepreneurship in the arts differs significantly from entrepreneurship in business. These differences mean that entrepreneurship curricula cannot simply be imported from business schools.

The overall objective of our project is to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship in the creative sector. To achieve this goal, the Artpreneur project has defined four objectives:

1. Provide an innovative and easily accessible learning pathway for the reskilling of Artpreneur’s skills and abilities necessary to create or improve an existing creative business.
2. Provide digital learning opportunities for adults, supporting their motivation and empowering them to access reskilling pathways for creative entrepreneurship.
3. Evaluate and monitor the achievements of adults to ensure transparency and recognition of their Artpreneur skills and abilities.
4. Expand and develop the skills of educators needed for the effective operation of adult learner training, to become successful creative entrepreneurs.

Target Groups
Adults willing to create or improve their own businesses in the creative sector.
Educators/trainers in the field of adult education who could effectively manage the innovative pathway for improving the skills and abilities of adult learners.