Art Escape

Nº do projeto:2020-1-BE05-KA227-YOU-003131
Coordenação: CODEC vzw (Bélgica)

This project aims to enhance the skills and competencies of Youth Workers in creating and managing outdoor Escape Rooms with themes based on fairy tales and traditional myths, which reinforce creativity, as well as drive quality, innovation, and recognition of youth work, thus contributing to the recovery and resilience of the cultural and creative sectors.

The project goals are as follows:

– Develop the skills of Youth Workers to create outdoor educational activities with a cultural and creative component for young people, helping them acquire skills and competencies to support their creative potential.
– Build a guide and an e-course on the HOP platform, enabling Youth Workers to create their own outdoor escape rooms with themes from fairy tales and traditional myths.
– Create learning pathways/lists of outdoor escape rooms with themes from fairy tales and traditional myths in partner countries to be featured on the Cities of Learning Platform (
– Stimulate social inclusion through the arts, fostering innovative approaches to participatory and intercultural dialogue that connect interested young people with organizations in the cultural and creative sectors.
– Engage young people in identifying learning opportunities and shaping their understanding of learning according to their needs, interests, and passions.

Target Groups:
– Youth Workers, youth leaders, educators, representatives from the creative sector working with young people;
– Young people;

Project Results:

To achieve the defined objectives, three intellectual outputs will be produced, which will be available as Open Educational Resources (OER) during and after the project’s completion:

IO1 – A step-by-step guide on creating Outdoor Escape Rooms with themes from fairy tales and traditional myths, including outdoor Escape Room scenarios; – GUIDE FOR DOWNLOAD: final.pdf

IO2 – E-course on the HOP Platform – How to create an Outdoor Escape Room with various topics and themes; The impact on participants will be significant, as the content will provide the basis for understanding the creation of outdoor escape rooms themed on fairy tales and traditional myths from A to Z

IO3 – Learning paths/lists of outdoor escape rooms – In this IO, we will launch 4 platforms in Belgium, Greece, Finland, and Portugal (the platform is already launched in Cyprus). Design, test, and implement learning paths for 5 selected outdoor escape rooms created.